About us

SIMET d.o.o. was registered in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro in February 2001.

The main activity is sale of metal-cutting and other tools, spare parts for machine tools, spare parts for automobiles, auxiliary tools according to orders and customer drawings.

Company is also specialized in sales of roofing tapes for Serbian consumers from the non-ferrous metal processing plants. 

We can offer and deliver:

  1.  Railway fasteners, including the track screw, and the tool for applying the thread to the track screw.
  2. Any carbide tool, including various plates, on request and customer drawings.
  3. Carbide inserts and all types of carbide tools. All types of steel and carbide tools for metal processing, steel pipes, etc. Various tools for the production of fasteners by forging, for example, all types of dies, as well as other tools.
  4. Tools for processing and drilling metal;

– tools for milling, including modular mills for the production of gears and worms;

– gearboxes and other parts;

– tools for processing internal and external threads, including taps of different types:

solid taps with straight or curved shank; combined taps with straight or curved shank; taps with grooves on your request from and more; taps coated with titanium nitride; without cover; taps treated with water vapor. The plant also manufactures double tandem taps; brushless taps; conical taps; taps with teeth removed; with spiral grooves; 2-3 pcs hand taps and all the other taps M1-M210.

  • – tools for threading pipes and couplings, including heads;
  • – tools for the production of gear units and parts;
  • – tools made of hard alloys;
  • – tools for controlling and measuring dimensions and steps;
  • – tools for metal processing by cold forming;
  • – tools according to special order;
  • – tools and measuring instruments;
  • – metal processing machines;
  • – turning chucks;
  • – spindles;

– disc cutters for cutting of hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils on the strip, as well as cutting the edges;

– a head with a set of tools for threading;

– rollers, segments and special drills for drilling and threading spark plugs for engines;

– circular knives for cutting sheets, rolls and strips;

– Press forms;

– all kinds of tools for metal processing machines.

  1. Production of rollers, segments, dies, taps and other tools.
  2. Deburring systems, production of carbide tools, cutting rings of various types, tools for deburring used in pipe plants.

In addition to the above mentioned tools, our company can supply the following tools: drawing rolls, cutting rings, carbide and steel cutting knives, bushings, punches, dies, ejectors, thread rolling rollers, flat dies for threads on screws and self-tapping screws for drywall, rollers and segments, also other special tools .  

In case of your interest please contact us.

Best regards,

SIMET d.o.o.


Dragana Popovic



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